symbol: connector

Default connector symbol has pins located on two sides with left to right, top to bottom numbering order.

Optional parameters

Name Type Description
bottom list List of pins on the bottom side of symbol
left list List of pins on the left side of symbol
options list Symbol options (see below)
right list List of pins on the right side of symbol
top list List of pins on the top side of symbol


Option Description Symbol
ccw Counter-clockwise pin numbering Counter-clockwise connector
cw Clockwise pin numbering Clockwise connector
mirror Mirror symbol Mirrored connector
single Single sided symbol Single-sided connector
square-pin Square pin shape Square pin connector

Real example

Harting 09682537613:

  symbol: connector
  left: 1-8
  right: 9-15
  top: 16
  bottom: 17
Harting 09682537613