BGA (Ball Grid Array)

  pattern: BGA

Note: Pins not defined in pinout will skipped on land pattern too.

BGA Package

Required parameters

Name Type Description
bodyLength dimension Package body length (key position in top left)
bodyWidth dimension Package body width (key position in top left)
columnCount integer Count of columns
horizontalPitch float Pitch between columns.
Not needed if pitch parameter defined
height dimension Overall package height
leadDiameter dimension Diameter of lead (ball)
pitch float Pitch between leads (when equal for rows and columns).
Not needed if both columnPitch and rowPitch parameters defined
rowCount integer Count of rows
verticalPitch float Pitch between rows.
Not needed if pitch parameter defined

Optional parameters

Name Type Description
leadCount integer Actual lead count
padDiameter float Diameter of pad recommended by component manufacturer

Available outlines

  • JEDEC MO-211

Real example

Analog Devices AD9393:

  pattern: BGA
  bodyWidth: 5.90-6.10
  bodyLength: 5.90-6.10
  height: 1.40
  pitch: 0.5
  rowCount: 10
  columnCount: 10
  leadDiameter: 0.25-0.35
  leadCount: 76
Analog Devices AD9393